Welcome To Bryan's Links Page!
Last updated: February 11, 2002

HTML Resources & Information
Network Communication Design - tutorials
Phil Bradley's Web Design Tools - lotsa good info!
WEBHELP.ORG - "Johnny Guru" helps you!
Website Garage - how good is your HTML code?

Graphics Viewers & Editing Programs
Alchemy Mindworks - graphics editing programs
Corel PaintShop Pro (formerly JASC Software) - graphics viewing & editing programs
Adobe - graphics viewing & editing programs
PDF995 - PDF creation driver
Links to information on UCE (Unsolicted Commercial Email):
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email - an organization dedicated to fighting UCE
ABUSE.NET - information about spam and tips on how to fight it
Internet Service Providers' Consortium - policy and technical information
Internet Mail Consortium - policy information
National Fraud Information Center - tons of links!
Better Business Bureau

Regular (snail) junk mail:
The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) is a trade organization that supports companies with mailing and telephone lists. They maintain a "no junkmail" list and a "no telephone solicitations" list.
Home Improvement Links:
Northern Tool & Equipment - tools & equipment
Harbor Freight - tools & equipment
Just for fun:
  • Bamdad's Math Comics - and you thought math wasn't funny!
  • The New Red Green Show - a PBS comedy program. Imagine Home Improvement gone wrong!
  • Everything you always wanted to know about the Green Acres sitcom!
  • Local singer/songwriter Dana Lyons created a cult following with his song, Cows With Guns.
  • RinkWorks has some fun things to look at... try the "Dialectizer" for a kick!
  • Dr. Demento has been at it for decades... no one is more demented!
  • Arlo Guthrie - singer/songwriter, and story-teller.
  • Goofball has a large stash of funny and bizare material (membership required).
  • Johnny Five is a fan page of the movies that starred a "robot" by that name.
  • JokeWallpaper is self-explanatory.
  • JP Patches, the character played by Chris Wedes on KIRO TV (Seattle) from 1958 to 1981.
    If you grew up in the Seattle area, you know Julius Pierpont Patches!
  • Of course, I have amassed just a few humorous things here.

If you have any consumer protection, home improvement, or fun links, or wish
to report one of my links that does not work, please send them to me in an [email].